Bonfire Begonia is starting with a fairly simple idea--the monthly subscription box market shouldn't be limited to samples and mass-produced imported items. It can (and should) also be fantastic, unique, handmade items produced by artists in their native countries (in this case, the USA). For us, that means that we won't be selling tens of thousands of these a month like the big-box makers. Of course, the difference is that we MAKE what's in our little boxes.


Each month, our subscribers will get a necklace designed and produced specifically for that box, as well as a greeting card (you know, in case you want to gift out your box of awesome!). Just like the jewelry, the cards are designed and handmade in house; however, they then go to a printer to be reproduced in quantity. This is simply because we don't have enough of the specific found materials used in the card to make a bunch of them. All of the items are made here in our facility, AKA our house.


Bonfire Begonia is a motivated staff of two: Susan, our designer and resident artiste, has been making eclectic beaded jewelry for over 25 years. She co-owned a boutique featuring original works in our historic downtown district for over ten years before deciding to launch Bonfire Begonia. Steve is a helper monkey who does everything non-art related and is typing these words right now.